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We are passionate about our planet and want to take care of it in a more efficient way! ”

What We’re About

How we get around is constantly changing.

We wanted to create a concept fulfilling the demand amidst a growing car sharing industry while providing remarkable service and saving the environment.

Drive mate ticks all these boxes.

As we progress technologically, the world needs to innovate to help reduce environmental impacts on both national and worldwide spectrums.

Drive mate is the latest, safest and most cost-effective car rental platform in Australia providing a way for you and your neighbours to connect through a shared demand.

Who benefits from Drive mate and how?

  • People who need cars – Neighbours wanting to borrow cars don’t have to look far. There are hundreds to choose from and guests can enjoy keyless, in-app access to cars!

  • Car owners – Car ownership can be expensive. Why not make some extra cash to support it when your car’s free? All vehicles are fully insured* and you’ll be in complete control of your rates, who drives your car and when.

  • Everyone in the long-run! – With the environment suffering a little more each year, there’s no better time to act than now. We are Drive mate are doing our bit with you achieving a cleaner, greener, more sustainable planet together by reducing active vehicle numbers in our cities.

Talk to us

Ask us anything and we’ll be more than happy to discuss it!

Shoot through an enquiry email at or give us a call on +61341602205 for a helpful one-on-one!

Working together creates a more promising outlook for our future. Join Drive mate and share the passion.

Going green truly is the answer. What we can achieve through sharing is much more powerful than what we’ll change individually.

Reducing our planet’s deterioration starts with minimising activity that pollutes our communities and natural resources. Drive mate offers something better than public transport or costly car ownership.

Whether you just want to pop into the shops, spend a day moving house or take a weekend trip, Drive mate has a car rental solution for you.

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