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How does it work?

Drive mate helps car seekers find nearby vehicles to rent while providing owners with a platform to share their vehicles on.
Car rental with more choice and less hassle | Drive Mate
Watch our video to learn how it works.
Car rental with more choice and less hassle | Drive Mate
Share your car or rent a car with Drive Mate
Start with your profile.
Create a profile, sharing your driving licence and a few other details.​
Offer up your ride
Just list your car with some nice pictures and the price you wish to charge​
Find and book the perfect car
Explore hundreds of nearby cars to suit a range of needs, budgets and lifestyles.
Receive bookings
Once a guest selects and books your car, you'll be notified.​
Pick up the car
Go pick up the car and unlock it with the Drive mate app​
Car handover
Our keyless access technology allows convenient access to the car without even having to handover any keys/ open any lockboxes. No action required.
Get cruising
Well, what is left to say? Have fun!
Show me the money!
Watch your earnings grow without lifting a finger.
Trek back to the return point
All good things come to an end. It’s time to drive back to your host.
Guests return your car
Trip completed. Nothing left to do but to go about your day – only now with a little extra cash!​
Tell fellow renters about your experience
Your peers are hanging out for your review. Let them know how your trip went!
Share how it went
Let other hosts know your thoughts and recommendations regarding your guest.​
Fully insured+
Chill out knowing Drive mate’s got you covered with a comprehensive insurance policy.​
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