More benefits hosting
More convenient
Our keyless access feature also allows hosts to extend their availability due to not needing to physically hand over keys to guests. Simply list your car and provide guests access from anywhere on your smartphone!
More security
Drive mate Go™ is world-class remote access technology designed to maintain the highest level of security while better servicing both ends of our network.​
More earnings
Up your income with Drive mate Go™ as cars listed within this category are generally in higher demand amongst guests.
How does Drive mate Go™ work?
Drive mate Go™ eliminates the hassle of relying on your guests to look after your car keys while renting your vehicle. It’s an industry-first innovation set to change the way we rent cars Australia-wide.
Here’s how to get started with Drive mate Go™:
Get the device installed
Download the Drive mate app on your smartphone
Unlock and lock the car using the app
Securely share access to your car with every booking
Equipping your vehicle with Drive mate Go™ is as easy as arranging a suitable time for installation following successful registration.
Our technicians won’t alter or modify your vehicle’s electrical components in any way, nor will our device affect regular operations of your car. The installation is also completely reversible should you decide to remove the device in the future.
Contact our support team with your interest
Schedule a time with us to install the device
Kick back for about 1 hour while we set up your car
Login to the app, connect the car to your phone and start earning!
You ask we answer
What is the pricing for Drive mate Go?​
Does the installation of the device impact the warranty of my car?
What is the Drive mate Go Guarantee program?